Emma (bravobeavo) wrote,

Fic: Lean On Me, J2

Title: Lean On Me

Author: bravobeavo

Fandom: Supernatural RPS

Pairing: Jensen Ackles/Jared Padalecki

Rating: PG

Wordcount: 1,069

Summary: Based on comments made at various conventions mainly one in Australia where Jensen speaks of crying in 4x10 (Heaven And Hell) as he tells 'Sam' about torturing people in Hell. Jensen admitted that he had to walk it off, because he got so emotional. This is Jared taking care of his lover in a tough moment.

Disclaimer: I do not own the boys or Supernatural, only this imaginary story that unfolded in my mind.

By the time J Tobin yelled "Cut!" Jensen's chest was heaving as he tried to stifle the sobs building up in his throat. He tilted his head down and bit his lip hard, but the tears kept coming and there was a lump in his throat that was making it hard to breathe, impossible to talk, and dear lord he needed away from here; away from set and as far away from Dean's twisted, guilty mindset as he could get.

He found himself walking away from the set, his feet working on autopilot and his subconscious took over, but Jensen found he was too busy swallowing each pitiful whimper that rose in his throat to care where his body was taking him. He could hear voices behind him, barely making out J's voice telling the crew to take a break.

He wasn't sure how far down the road he'd gotten before he collapsed on the side of the road, rough gravel digging into his knees and dirt staining Dean's jeans. That was alright, a few stains probably fit Dean's personality. If not, wardrobe could worry about it later.

"Jensen!" He heard footsteps hurrying up behind him. He knew instantly who it was, having worked with Jared for four years now, he had heard that voice rise and fall in an endless number of emotions as Sam. And in their private he had heard it deep and rough, growling with pleasure, or loud and boisterous, bursting with joy. They'd been together for about three months, having drunkenly admitted their feelings to one another on a late weeknight after filming.

He feels large, warm hands cup his already flushed and teartracked cheeks, lifting his head to look into concerned hazel eyes. "Jen? Baby?" Hearing his lover's deep, soothing voice speak softly in his ear was his breaking point, and he reached up with trembling hands to fist Jared's shirt and pull him closer. He was unaware if they were still in sight of the crew, but found that he couldn't bring himself to care about that, he simply burrowed his face into the broad chest in front of him and let the sobs wrack his body.

He wasn't sure how long Jared sat there with him, holding him close, stroking his hair, whispering soothing nothings into his ear. Sometimes he could understand what was being said "Shh, it's okay babe, it's alright. I'm here, Jen, we're gonna pull you outta this together." And other times it was simply the deep timber of his lover's voice that was being registered.

Eventually the gut-wrenching sobs quiet down into small whimpers, and Jared gently pulls back, only so far as to be able to look his lover in the eye. Jensen knows he's not a pretty sight, bloodshot jade eyes, tears still slowly running down his flushed, freckled cheeks, snot dripping from his nose. He wonders why Jared is even still looking at him, with the same warmth and affection in his hazel eyes as when they're lying in bed, tangled together as they exchange soft words and laughter in the dark of night and the comfort of their home. If he were any part of his regular, functioning self he'd be mortified as Jared wipes a careful hand under his nose, wiping on his own Sam jeans, then continues to wipe Jensen's cheeks. It's useless, because there are still tears leaking from his eyes, but the gesture is done so lovingly that Jensen can't bring himself to care.

Without a word, Jared slips his arms under Jensen and helps him rise on wobbly legs. They take slow step toward Jared's trailer, which is closer than Jensen's. Jensen's legs are shaking, and he lets out a frustrated sigh (which irritated him even more because even that was shaky) and he tries to stop the tears and the gasps and the whimpers. It seems futile though, his body and emotions are refusing to respond, but Jared leans over to brush a kiss against his temple and murmur quietly, "It's okay, Jen. Nobody's around, there's no one to hide from."

He revels in the fact that Jared knows him so well, thinks maybe they're soulmates or some sappy crap like that, then he thinks what if they weren't, what if they had never met, and Jesus his brain needs to stop creating its own angsty pathways because this is so not helping his mood.

He blinks a few times; realizing that during the time his brain was going from irritated to panicked to irritate again, Jared has gotten them inside his trailer, sat him down on the plush couch and is now holding out a glass of cool water along with two Tylenol. "You'll have a headache." He murmurs quietly, "You always get headaches after you cry."

Jensen smiles up at him, taking to offered glass and pills, downing them quickly before handing the glass back to Jared. He watches his lover saunter over to the small table where he sets the glass, before returning to stroke Jensen's dirty-blonde hair as he rides the both of their shoes and jackets. He even goes so far as to gently ask Jensen if he'd like to remove his disposable contacts, and Jensen finds himself undeniably grateful, knowing that some of the weary aches in his eyes would ease with the removal of the contacts. Left in nothing but thin t-shirts and jeans, Jared lays Jensen down slowly before slipping in between the older man and the couch, wrapping an arm around Jensen's waist, tangling their long legs together, and alternating between pressing soft kisses and gentle nuzzles against the back of his lover's neck.

Jensen feels himself relaxing under the ministrations, the whimpers and waterworks slowly working themselves off as his breathing slows and his aching eyes drift shut. "Jay?" He whispers tiredly, his voice rough from the sobbing he had done earlier.

"Yeah, Jen?" Jared whispers back, causing his lover to squirm slightly as his soft lips tickled the back of Jensen's sensitive neck with each word.

"Pr'm'se t' be h're wh'n I w'ke up?" Jensen's speech slurred as he was lulled into sleep, his body giving into to its physical and mental exhaustion.

Jared chuckles and pressed a more firm kiss against Jensen's cheek, pulling the older man closer and whispering "I promise, Jen" before slowly joining his lover in the arms of warm, soothing sleep.

Tags: fandom: spn rps, fictype: oneshot, fictype:not!au, pairing: j2, rating: pg

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