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Fic: The Girl, J2, Ch 1

Title: The Girl

Author: bravobeavo

Fandom: Supernatural RPS

Pairing: Jensen Ackles/Jared Padalecki

Rating: NC-17

Wordcount: 3,043

Summary:  What if the world gave you everything you ever wanted... and then ripped it all away? Jared's husband and daughter are in a car accident only months after her birth. This is the emotional tale of Jared and Jensen Ackles-Padalecki and the healing power of their baby's touch.

Warnings: Angst, Mpreg

Disclaimer: This is based on a true story that I discovered while watching Russell Howard's Good News (Series 5, Episode 6). At the end of every episode, Russell shares a story in the news that is heartwarming and inspiring. This time, it was the story of a couple with a new born baby. The mother and child were in an accident, the mother seriously brain-damaged and in a coma. The little girl though, recovered. The father tells how this little girl saved two lives. I do not own Supernatural, or Jensen and Jared or anything for that matter. The title is taken from my favorite love song, The Girl by City And Colour. I found the pictures on Google and made collages and dividers of them.

This is a link to an article about the family: http://www.candoability.com.au/CDA/Blog/Miracle-Mum-Wakes-From-Coma-On-Mother39s-Day-From-Daughter39s-Touch_188.html

And this is the link to the YouTube video of Russell Howard's Good News. The story is shown 26:33 mins. in: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=endscreen&NR=1&v=E90UEK_lBV0


"Jen? Baby, what's wrong?" It's the night of their third anniversary, and Jensen has been acting off for the entire week. He's been sick and skittish, taking off from work and always seeming hesitant or nervous when Jared tries to talk to him.

"Baby, whatever is going on we're in this together. 'For better or for worse', remember? Please, Jen baby, please tell me what's going on. I'm scared." He whispers, rubbing his hands over his husband's trembling back where he's kneeled over the porcelain rim of the toilet.

"Jare..." Jensen whimpers, allowing the taller man to helps him stand shakily and brush his teeth. He leads them to the bedroom and pulls Jared down onto the bed next to him. For a while they lay there in silence. Then Jensen begins shaking again, and as Jared feels warm wet tears drip onto his bare chest, he bites his lip. "Jen, please..." He whispers, his voice strained as he silently panics over what has possibly gotten Jensen this upset.

"Jare I... I don't know how to tell you, I don't know if you're ready... I... I don't want you to be mad..." He says, his voice cracking as he presses his face into the tanned shoulder his head rests on.

"Never, baby, I love you too much." Jared responds immediately, pressing a firm kiss to Jensen's forhead. He lets out something between a laugh and a sob and Jared tightens his arms, pulling his husband closer.

"Jared... I'm pregnant." He whispers, squeezing his eyes shut and biting his lip hard.

For a few seconds, Jared is frozen, not even sure if he's breathing, not even sure of where he is, just hearing those words going over and over in his head. When he moves, it's gentle and slow, pushing Jensen off of him and onto his back. He props himself up and tilts Jensen's face toward his.

"Jen look at me. Please."

He does.

"Are you sure? Have you taken a test?"

He nods, "I... I went to the doctor." He stutters.

For a while they're silent, jade green eyes searching those expressive hazel eyes that he is so familiar with after working together for 7 years.

Then a smile breaks across Jared's face, full dimples and white teeth. His eyes fill with tears, and soon they're spilling over his cheeks, following the lines of his dimples and dripping off his chin.

"Jare?" He whispers.

Jared pulls Jensen close, burying his face in the older man's neck and kissing any of the soft, freckled skin he can reach. Jensen's hands come up to cradle his head, fisting his hands in the long chestnut hair.

"Jen, oh my god, Jen this is amazing!" Jared croaks, his voice thick with emotion as he pulls back to press a long, tender kiss to Jensen's stunned lips. They lay there, kissing and crying and holding each other close.

"Jared... are you sure you're ready for this?" Jensen asks hesitantly, staring up into bloodshot hazel orbs.

"Oh, Jen it's more than I've ever dreamed of. It's perfect. This is everything. You're everything. And this little girl or boy is a part of you and me. This is a miracle."

 He leans down, pressing a kiss to Jensen's bare stomach, noticing now that it is indeed a bit round and nowhere near as tight and muscled as it used to be. "Hi, baby. Hi, little one. I'm your papa."

A tear slips down Jensen's cheek. Jared looks up at him. They smile. They're happy.


"And right there, you'll see the baby's head. And... oh... well, Mr and Mr Ackles-Padalecki, would you like to know the sex of your child?"

They share a glance, the gel is cold on Jensen's skin, but he's smiling. There are tears in both their eyes at the sight of the little life they've created. Jared looks nervous. They nod simultaneously.

"It's a girl. Congratulations, you're having a little girl."


"Jay... Jay I think my water broke."

"Holy shit! Now?! Okay, okay uhm, shit, the bag for the hospital, where's the bag for the hospital?!"

Jensen flinches at the next contraction, "I'll be in the car, Jare. Forget the bag, get the keys!"

"On it! Oh my god, Jen we're gonna meet her, we're gonna meet our little girl!"

Their hearts flutter and they smile.


"Hi there... Hi, Piper. Hello little girl!" Jensen coos to the little girl in his arms, smiling down into her jade green eyes. "Wanna say hello to Papa?" Jared is on the other side of the room, on the phone with their families. The baby blinks up at him and wriggles against his chest. "Oh, you do huh?" He asks with a soft smile, chuckling as she wriggled again, more insistently this time. "Okay, baby girl, okay."

"I can't wait for you to see her, Mama Ackles, she's the most beautiful baby I've ever laid eyes on. I'll be fightin off boys with a stick! She's got Jen's eyes and his eyelashes, and my hair. I mean, what baby is born with a full head of hair?!" He laughs, listening to Donna speak excitedly from the other end.

"Oh Papa! Daddy and Piper wanna see you!" Jensen calls from the bed, smiling when Jared turns with a grin.

Donna laughs on the other end of line, shooing Jared to his husband, "You guys'll be on the same flight as my family, Mama Ackles, we'll send the guys to come get you then all y'all can come here and see Piper, alright?" He quickly says goodbye, stepping over to the bed and leaning over to kiss his husband, then his newborn daughter

"Hey, baby girl." The baby wriggles between them, cooing and gurgling as her fathers smile down at her.


The call comes in the middle of filming the final scenes for the new episode. After this scene, Jared gets put on leave to join Jensen in spending day in and day out with their new baby. She's going to be a month old soon, and their families are still staying close by in a hotel since their house isn't big enough to accommodate both families. He's filming a scene, but he's left his cell phone on, refusing to turn it off in case of emergencies. Phil is directing, and lets Jared get away with it since he's close to the boys after filming with them for so long and understanding Jared's nerves.

Jared shoots them an apologetic glance before shuffling over to his phone. He doesn't recognize the number, but he answers anyway pressing the phone to his ear. "Hello?"

"Is this Mr. Jared Ackles-Padalecki?" A woman asks on the other end.

"Yes it is. May I ask who's calling? I'm sorry, but I'm in the middle of working."

"This is Tori Williams, I'm a nurse at Vancouver General Hospital."

His blood goes cold. His breath freezes in his lungs.

"Sir, I'm sorry to tell you that there's been an accident. Your husband, Jensen, and your daughter have just been brought into the ER here."

No. No no no no no no. This isn't possible. This isn't real. This... this is...

"Sir?" She asks.

"Jared?" Phil steps closer. Clif looks concerned.

But he can't hear them over the blood rushing in his ears. He hangs up the phone, staring at it for a moment. The crew is watching him. Phil and Clif are both holding his shoulders, asking him questions. He meets Clif's eyes, panic setting in as dread rears its ugly head deep in his belly.

"Hospital.. I have to... the hospital, I need to get to the hospital." Clif doesn't ask any questions, he sets off in a run to get the SUV while Phil clears the crew away and guides Jared to his ride.


He arrives to the hospital to find his family there, along with Jensen's. Everyone looks like they've been crying and when Jared stumbles up to his mother, he falls into her embrace, sobs wracking his large frame. His mother isn't as tall or as muscular as he is, and she finds herself having to kneel on the floor when his knees give out and he can't hold himself up any longer.

The others stand or kneel close to him, his mother running her hands through his hair, Donna rubbing a slow circle across his shoulders as tears run down her face, his little sister Megan wrapping her arms around his waist and pressing up against his back as she sniffles.

Their families are close, have been since season one when they became best friends. They did joint holidays and went on trips together. They talked to each other even when Jared and Jensen weren't around or involved. They were one big family.

When Jared stops crying quite as hard, he takes in his surroundings. Mackenzie is being held by her father, and Jared's dad has a supportive hand resting on Alan's shoulder. Jeff has a firm arm around Josh, and their wives are standing close by, Jared's sister-in-law comforting Josh's wife, Allie, who he knows has known Jensen since high school. He looks up at his mama, barely croaking out the words, "Have you heard anything?"

Sherry shakes her head solemnly. Jared sighs and nods slowly, sniffing loudly and standing to join his family. They look at him, their eyes full of concern and grief. "I... I don't... what happened?" He asked, staring blearily at the family surrounding him.

Jeff is the one who speaks up, "We were at the hotel, Mama and Donna had gone over to see if there was anything that they could help him with..."

Donna is the one who speaks next, her voice wavering, "He left a note for you, in case you got done filming early... said that he was going to the store because y'all were out of formula and the little one needed to eat."

"They said that there was a guy... talking on his cell phone. They said he went over the line and that... that he hit Jensen head on, JT." Jeff finishes, looking down at the cold tile floor as everyone else bites their lips or closes their eyes. It takes a moment for his brain to process what he's been told. Then there's the images, the scenarios running through his head.

He's seen head-on collisions, on the highway, on the road. The smashed front end of a car, the torn and twisted metal, the emergency responders rushing to get people who are severely wounded out of the crumpled remains of their vehicles. Remembers watching from stopped traffic and feeling a frown pull at this lips and his eyebrows furrow. Remembers hoping those people are okay, before driving on and, within hours or days, forgetting all about it. He wonders how many people did that just hours ago. Drove past the wreck and thought 'Oh... that's terrible... I hope whoever that is is okay.' Then drove on and forgotten. Forgotten that man and that baby in that accident. That man and that baby that are Jared's entire world.

The gut-wrenching sobs start again, and he cries until his eyes are aching and his head is pounding. He doesn't remember being pulled into one of the waiting room chairs. It's tiny and plastic and all around uncomfortable. It's too grounding. Keeping him on edge and aware. It's amazing that the simple discomfort of a too small plastic chair is enough to scream out 'You're here! This is real! This isn't a dream! There's no waking up!' It makes him angry... and horrified.

It's been hours since the accident, since they've arrived, and they haven't received any word on the conditions of his husband or his daughter. His newborn daughter. Christ. The nurse at the front desk keeps shooting them sympathetic glances. He can't remember her name. He can't remember much of anything. The things going through his head-

"Jared... I'm pregnant."

"Congratulations, you're having a little girl."

"Oh my god, Jen we're gonna meet her, we're gonna meet our little girl!"

"Oh Papa! Daddy and Piper wanna see you!"

"Hey, baby girl."

"Is this Mr. Jared Padalecki-Ackles?"

"There's been an accident... your husband... your daughter... ER."

"He hit Jensen head on, JT."

'You're here! This is real! This isn't a dream! There's no waking up!'

"Family of Jensen and Piper Ackles-Padalecki?"

He didn't hear the swing doors to the OR opening. Doesn't hear the steady tread of the doctor in his mid-forties slowly approaching their corner of the waiting room; all he can do is stare wordlessly ahead.

"That's us!" Donna exclaims, standing hurriedly and watching wide eyed as a doctor peeling rubber gloves off his hands and looks down with a grim expression. Red rubber gloves. Red with blood.

"Your husband... your daughter..."

Oh god.

"Jared? Jared!" He can hear his mother's frantic voice, but he can't see. Every is too bright and blurry, shapes fading together and he can't breathe. He knows his lungs are working, can feel his chest rising and falling rapidly but he can't feel the air and suddenly he's lightheaded.

Then there are cool hands on his face, a too small plastic chair, and a deep, firm voice grounding him. When everything comes back into focus it's Alan standing in front of him holding his face steady and saying, "C'mon son, breathe steady for me, nice and easy. In. Out. In. Out." The family is behind him looking worried and anxious, but the doctor doesn't look very surprised by the miniature panic attack. Instead, he simply looks sympathetic. Behind him, out the window, the Vancouver sky has turned a dark shade of navy blue and the orange sun is sinking into the horizon. It's nearly nighttime. They've been here for hours.

"Jensen-" Alan's voice trembles as he says his son's name, but he plows onwards anyway, "Jensen used to have panic attacks. Nothing bad, but we had to learn how to deal with them." Jared nods slowly. There've been times when Jensen digs to deep into Dean's hell-scarred, alcoholic mindset and he awakes in the middle of the night to find the older man perched on the side of their bed, drenched in sweat and hyperventilating.

After he takes a few minutes to take a few deep breaths, he nods to the others, who turn their expectant gazes to the doctor. "Please, doctor... how is my son and my granddaughter?" Donna asks.

The doctor takes a deep breath, and urges everyone to take a seat. Jeff and Josh sit beside their wives, Megan and Mackenzie are leaning against each other from between their brothers, and both set of parents seat themselves on either side of Jared.

"Mr. Ackles-Padalecki?" Jared looks up, blinking red-rimmed eyes up at the doctor's reassuring smile, "Your daughter is doing very well, I think she's going to make a miraculous recovery and it appears that she has no serious injuries, perhaps partially because of the car seat she was strapped safely into." Jared nods, feeling a bit of the world that had been bearing down on his shoulders slowly fading out.

"Doctor... what about my husband? What about Jensen?" He asks quietly, and the doctor looks grim again.

"Well, I'm not going to sugar coat it. He was touch and go for a while. As you know, he was hit head on and the front of the vehicle bore the brunt of the destruction. He broke his right legs, bruised his ribs and torso, and he's received serious head trauma." With every word out of the doctor's mouth, Jared felt more and more dread seep into his veins.

"He's currently in a coma and we have him hooked up to life support at the moment. We aren't even sure... if we'll be able to keep him stable through the night."

A sob rips itself from his lungs, and new tears slip down his face as he stares at the white tile of the floor. "Dr..." Sherri starts, before trailing off as she realizes they never got the doctor's name.

"Dr. Robert Williams"

"Dr.Williams, can we see Piper? Or... can Jared?" She asks, eyeing the doctor nervously as he looks thoughtful for a moment. "Yes... I believe Piper can handle one visitor at the moment. And... perhaps it's what he needs as well." Dr.Williams says, eyeing Jared sympathetically. He places a hand on the young man's shoulder and squeezes firmly, "C'mon son, I'll take you to see your daughter."

Jared stands slowly on shaky legs, barely managing to turn the corner of his lips up in a pathetic attempt of a reassuring smile to his family, and begins to follow the doctor down the long hallway.

When they reach the room, Piper is in a little plastic cot. There's a nurse standing by, holding a bottle of formula and smiling at Jared warmly. It's the nurse from the front desk, the one that called him. Williams. Her name is Williams. He wonders if they're married. She walks over to Jared, nodding at the doctor who gives her a grateful smile and slowly leaves the dimly lit room.

"I thought you might like to hold her. Give her a bottle. Just to... ease your mind, if only for a little while." The nurse's voice is soft in the quiet room, and Jared shoot her a grateful smile. He slowly lifts the little girl into his arms, like she's made of the finest glass, and takes the bottle from the nurse. He squeezes a bit of the formula out onto the nipple, smiling as he rubs it over his daughter's lips and she immediately latches on. "She eats like a Padalecki!" Jensen had said.

He doesn't hearing the nurse slip out of the door, simply watching the methodic sucking of the baby in his arms, watching her pull the sweet liquid into her warm belly. She makes little humming noises as she drinks, letting her papa know she's pleased, and blinks her wide jade eyes up at him. "We'll be okay, baby girl." He murmurs, pressing a kiss to her forehead and wincing at how dry his lips are. "I promise we will... your daddy will be okay... he has to be, y'know? For you... and... and..."

And for me.

Chapter 2

Tags: fandom: spn rps, fictype: multi!ch, fictype:not!au, pairing: j2, rating: pg-13, story: the girl, warning: mpreg

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